Year: 2014

Category: Interactive Art


Kotodama is a sound installation that represents “Kotodama”, a ball of sound that moves freely in space. Once you speak into the microphone, your voice turns into Kotodama, and moves all over the room. Usually, one’s voice disappears immediately once spoken. Kotodama, instead, remains for a while and sounds your voice as it floats over the room.
The mid-air sound of Kotodama is generated by gathering sounds at arbitrary point in the room using multiple parametric speakers on the ceiling. Its position is dynamically changed by controlling the postures of the speakers. In addition, its movement is faintly visualized through the LEDs powered by parametric sound (VITA), which indicates the presence of Kotodama.



Kotodama, iii Exhibition Extra 2014, The university of Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan, Jul. 4-7, 2014.